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🎉 Officially launched May 2024 🎉


Developing Kids Get Creative With Canva involved a lot of heart and strategic planning. And it was worth every second.

Why This Course is Essential for Kids' Tech and Creative Growth


I've seen firsthand how much of a head start kids get when they have clear, simple steps and the freedom to play and explore new digital skills.

Learning the basics is super important. It's the key to getting better at using technology for both kids and adults. My special way of teaching focuses on these basics because I've seen my students succeed again and again with this method.

These foundational skills not only make learning new tools easier but also boost your child's confidence and creativity. When kids understand the basics, they can tackle more complex projects with excitement and curiosity. This course helps them love learning and be ready for future success in school and beyond.

Exciting Update: New Lesson Module Coming June 21, 2024! 🥳

New content always brings a burst of energy to our course, and we can't wait for you to explore these exciting new projects:

  • Combine Physical Artworks with Digital Design: Learn how to blend traditional art with digital creativity.
  • Start Projects from Scratch: Master the art of creating from a blank canvas.
  • Modify Canva Templates: Discover how to customize Canva's templates to enhance your creative process.
  • Import and Use Your Own Photos and Videos: Incorporate personal photos and videos into your projects.

These additions are designed to be fun, creative, and inspiring, helping your child develop their tech and creative skills even further.

Inside Kids Get Creative With Canva


Walks you through setting up your Kajabi course and signing up for a new Canva account. There's also a guide for using the Canva templates.


There are currently 7 lesson projects, with a new project module (4 new lessons!) due for release on 21 June 2024!

The lesson videos range from 4 - 13 minutes in duration. In most cases you'll be pausing to play with tools and ideas, and spending extra time in the 'Get Creative' projects at the end of the lessons.


These are short videos covering some of the most frequently asked questions I get from students!


Here you'll find some extra blank templates in popular sizes, so you can create new projects from scratch! This is also where I keep you updated with new releases.

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Coming Soon

All Ages Creative Academy

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We'll have a range of Canva templates available to compliment the material in Kids Get Creative With Canva.

Our first template is right above this! The Birthday Super Template Pack, with a great selection of elements you can use to create a multitude of fabulous birthday designs.

There are more to come, stay tuned!

And some for the grown ups too.

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10-year-old Kids Get Creative With Canva student

When asked what they think of this course, 'Yeah, we do use Canva at school but they don't show you how to do things like this. This is good.'

Alex - Photoshop Student

You’re very patient, make the lessons very easy to understand – and you’re enthusiastic. Not all teachers are like this.

There are new Canva and Photoshop courses in the works, and I'd really like to hear from you.


What are you wanting to learn?

What are you finding difficult to understand, or can't find resources for in Canva or Photoshop?

Inspire me!